Monday Morning Mentions {Vol. 8}

Goooooood Morning!! It’s been a while, right? I have some exciting things to share with you all, so do scroll, read, review & enjoy. Happy Monday!

#1 – In lieu of Mother’s Day yesterday, I stumbled upon this beautiful article that I had to share. It’s titled “An Open Letter to My Future Daughter: 10 Things I Will Tell [Her] about Love & Marriage”. It’s a great read and includes interesting tidbits such as “If he loves you he’ll want the best for you – even if it means he loses.” Powerful words right? Click the link to read more. I think you’ll enjoy and possibly share with your daughter(s)!

#2 – I’m so excited to also share this next piece of information. Earlier this month, I received news that I’d won a local radio contest for women that give back to the community. If you live in the DMV area, you are probably familiar with Majic 102.3. I was recently named Phenomenal Woman of the Month, for the month of May and will be going into the station this week for an interview. I’ll be sure to update you on when the interview airs. For now, check out the feature on their website.

#3 –   In wedding design news – have you heard about the new interactive wedding save-the-dates? Apparently, they are one of the top trends for 2012. How cute is this ” lottery scratch-off” save-the-date. I’ve seen crossword puzzles, tic tac toe and other similar activities on wedding announcements. You can find more interactive invite ideas on Check it out!

#4 – Do you want more of YesWeWed? Do you wish we’d publish posts more frequently? Well, you may soon be getting just that. I’m currently looking for support to help me grow the blog. If you know a dynamic college student that may be interested in joining the YesWeWed team please have them check out the ad. I’ve received some great applications already but wanted to make sure I shared this opportunity with readers as well.  ♥

#5 – Last but certainly not least, I have a video feature for you. This fairy-tale wedding took place in Paris, France and is nothing less than amazing. The bride is a famous actress in Nigeria and the groom is an international media consultant. Relish in the beauty of their wedding day as you enjoy the video!

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Monday Morning Mentions {Vol. 7}

I’m back! Oh how I’ve missed thee. <3    I know I’ve been gone a bit longer than expected so I’ll get right into things.

#1 – In case you missed my last post, I’ve been gone for a while because I was busy auditioning to earn my spot back on the cheerleading team. I appreciate you all sticking with the blog in my absence and I’m happy to say that I successfully made the cut! I’ll be back on the sidelines this year as I cheer my 3rd season in the NFL. Super excited! That’s me below taking pics with all of my  teammates. I’m the only one looking up. haha


#2 – I stumbled across this super cute DIY project and just had to share with you all. Create these lovely chic pinwheels in 7 easy steps. I love the simplicity of them, yet they’re also kinda edgy as well. Create your own and use them at your bridal shower, engagement celebration, or even on wedding day!


#3 – I know many of you have your own businesses and blogs, so I just had to share this info about an upcoming conference. It’s called the Blogging While Brown Conference and it’s scheduled to take place the first week in June in Philly. Speakers include bloggers from,, and many other popular websites. I definitely plan to attend. Click the photo for more info and hope to see you there!


#4 – You all remember LaQuilla & Mark, right? They’re the beautiful couple behind the HusbandandWifeforLife movement. I know many of you loved their post, so I’m sharing this lovely pic of the bracelets that they sell on their site. I love these bracelets and I think they are a great way to spread the message as well as be reminded of the commitment you made to your spouse. You could even give them as a gift to a couple celebrating their anniversary.

#5 – What’s a “Monday Mention” without a video? Check out this lovely wedding day video by Three Rings Wedding. In it, a bride’s twin sister gives very touching words during the toast. Oh and you’re gonna love the bride’s dress too! :) Enjoy!



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