Monday Morning Mentions {Vol. 6}

Just some fun finds across the world wide web…. Enjoy!

#1 – Are you not a fan of florals? Been looking for something a little different than the traditional bouquet? I stumbled upon the Silver Stems Etsy Shop and I just had to share  this photo of their work. They make bridal bouquets out of brooches. And the best part, you can keep the bouquet for a lifetime! Click the pic for more photos of their work.

#2 – Remember Oneika & Jamar’s wedding featured on the blog? Well their photographer recently posted some beautiful pics from Oneika’s maternity shoot. They make such a super cute family. Congrats Oneika on your little bundle of joy! We’re all wishing you a successful delivery. ♥

#3 – It’s been in my Twitter feed, my Facebook news feed and every other homepage of social media sites. It’s the 150-carat diamond ring. The entire ring is diamond and it’s worth $68 million. If a guy proposed to me with this ring, I’m not sure how I would feel. Maybe “Thanks babe, but are you crazy??? $68million?!” lol kidding…kinda.


#4 – One of my favorite wedding bloggers… actually let me rephrase – My FAVORITE wedding blogger posted some pics of herself and mentioned some new things happenings over on her masterpiece of a blog, The Bride’s Cafe. Check it out!


#5 – Our FLOTUS was on the David Letterman Show looking absolutely FABULOUS! And she was cracking a few jokes too during her interview, at one point getting a bit emotional, she caught herself and made a joke about the Letterman Show not being “OPRAH”. She’s so admirable!



Monday Mentions {Vol. 5}

No intro necessary… let’s get right into it! As always, by clicking the images, you will be directed to the mentioned link.

#1 – The power couple behind has put together what looks to be a must-see film documenting real-life marriages and the triumphant challenges they’ve faced. There are a few screenings coming up in DC, Chicago and Atlanta. I plan to attend the screening in DC this weekend, so let me know if you’ll be there. The trailer looks promising –

#2 – shared some great news  for all you M.A.C. Makeup Lovers out there. We all hate  it when our favorite lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow becomes discontinued but the good news: You can now vote for your most loved discontinued items and the winning items will be put back into production. I’ve already placed my vote!

#3 – Did you know that Aretha Franklin was married to the colonel from A Different World? What about Cicely Tyson and Miles Davis? Shocking news? shocks us all a bit with their list of “Celebrities Who We Didn’t Know Were Married”.

#4 – I may not have the world’s flyest closet of clothes but that doesn’t mean I’m not a lover of fashion! Last week, a friend introduced me to an online picture party of black women “killing it” with their fashion game. The pictures ranges from fun & funky to classy yet chick styles. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think. They’re on Facebook too!

#5 – Today’s last mention is not a love story. It’s not about weddings, fashion, beauty or makeup… it’s about justice. Hopefully by now, you know the tragic story of Trayvon Martin. I know many people are deeply saddened by this story and they feel helpless but you aren’t. You can help by taking one moment to sign the petition created by Trayvon’s mother and father in hopes of having the murderer arrested and charged with taking the life of an innocent young man. Please sign and spread the word. We can’t be silent about this and let it falter. Thanks in advance!


YWW’s Monday Mentions {Vol. 4}

Did I mention that it’s Monday? That means another round of Monday Mentions. I’ll let you hop right into it. Enjoy! :)


#1 – recently announced a contest for guys that are planning to propose. Six finalists will be flown to Disney World to surprise their ladies with a special proposal. If you know a friend or maybe you know your boyfriend is just waiting for that special opportunity (wink), go ahead, copy and paste the link and email it to him. We won’t tell! :)

#2 – Do you love our FLOTUS’s style as much as I do? If so, you should take a trip to the nearest bookstore and pick up Commander in Chic: A Real Woman’s Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady”. The book was authored by former ESSENCE Beauty & Cover Director, and current Editor-at-Large, Mikki Taylor. It’s full of great fashion tips as well as some of the most stunning photos of Mrs. Obama. Makes a great coffee book too!

#3 – I know many African-American brides struggle to find cake toppers that accurately resemble themselves and their hubbies. I stumbled across this lovely chocolate cake topper on Preston Bailey’s blog and while it doesn’t scream “black couple” (actually maybe it shouldn’t, lol) I do think it would be a great addition to just about any cake. Click the photo to see how to buy!

#4 – What does every bridesmaid have to have on wedding day? A bridesmaid’s dress, right? Then why not surprise them with these super cute personalized hangers? I think it’s a great keepsake that can be used well past wedding day. Do you agree?

#5 – I used to have a love/hate relationship with makeup. I loved how it made me feel all “fabulous” but I really didn’t like that I didn’t know how to apply it like the pros. Today, I still don’t know how to apply it like the pros but I’ve come a veryyyy long way thanks to YouTube Makeup Sensation, JackieO. She is so good as what she does and is a great teacher. If you’re thinking of DIY-ing your makeup for your wedding day, check out this bridal makeup tutorial by JackieO. I think you’ll like it.


P.S. – I hope you found something useful. Just as a disclaimer, I have not been paid to promote these items. These are honestly just fun finds that I’ve stumbled across through the previous week. Purchase at your own pleasure and risk. :) Check back later this week for a real wedding feature!

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