REPOST: Joanne & Keith {A Letter of Thanksgiving}

If you’re one of our Facebook fans, you probably saw my status about the special Thanksgiving Day post. It’s a few days late (don’t judge me) but here it is… Per my usual, I am switching things up a bit. In an effort to celebrate not only weddings, but also the beauty of marriage, I’ve asked a good friend of mine, Keith, to tell us why he’s thankful for his wife, Joanne. It’s our first full post from the male perspective. Let me know if you like it and I’ll try to do more of these. It’s always nice to hear a guy speak to a “cyber-room” full of women, don’t ya think? Enjoy!


A Letter of Thanksgiving
Joanne & Keith
September 29, 2006

I originally met my wife while we were both in college over 15 years ago. We have since fought 10,000 battles, (non of which I can claim victory), made up 10,000 times (guess I did win)  and discovered throughout that we were made for each other. My wife is without question my better half and I’m thankful for someone who truly completes me.  There is really no other way to describe it.  She is everything to me.

Christmas 2007

Before my kids, I was just grateful for the person my wife was to me.  Now I’m most grateful for the person she is to my family.  Either there is a shit load of tiny little elves running around doing all the things that just seem to effortlessly get done or she’s secretly a magician. I’m guessing the latter but until I catch her with the magic dust I have to just assume I married a very special lady.

Christmas 2009

I’m thankful for my wife as a lover, mother, wife, business woman, cook, tutor, teacher, confidant, organizer and for being the engine that makes my family run. But the thing I love most about my wife is the thing I can’t really explain…

Christmas 2010

  • Whatever it is that makes me pay the extra fee to change flights just so I can get home a few hours early to lay next to her.
  • Or maybe it’s whatever makes me drive to another state to see her when she would be home the next day anyway.
  • Or maybe it’s whatever makes me wish my daughter turns out like her.

(L to R) Kameron, Kennedy & Keith, Jr.

Whatever that unidentifiable thing may be that makes me fall in love with her time and time again, I am grateful for it.


You are the love of my life. I find you to be just as beautiful even more beautiful than the day we married 5 years ago. With each new year (and each new kid, lol) you have continued to amaze me with the way you love, nurture and protect not only our family but our love. Thank you for being my better half. I love you always and Happy Thanksgiving Baby!

P.S. – Can’t wait for dessert!


CREDITS: Wedding Photography – Platinum Photography; Christmas Pictures (2007 & 2009) – Benton Design Photography


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