Monday Morning Mentions {Vol. 6}

Just some fun finds across the world wide web…. Enjoy!

#1 – Are you not a fan of florals? Been looking for something a little different than the traditional bouquet? I stumbled upon the Silver Stems Etsy Shop and I just had to share  this photo of their work. They make bridal bouquets out of brooches. And the best part, you can keep the bouquet for a lifetime! Click the pic for more photos of their work.

#2 – Remember Oneika & Jamar’s wedding featured on the blog? Well their photographer recently posted some beautiful pics from Oneika’s maternity shoot. They make such a super cute family. Congrats Oneika on your little bundle of joy! We’re all wishing you a successful delivery. ♥

#3 – It’s been in my Twitter feed, my Facebook news feed and every other homepage of social media sites. It’s the 150-carat diamond ring. The entire ring is diamond and it’s worth $68 million. If a guy proposed to me with this ring, I’m not sure how I would feel. Maybe “Thanks babe, but are you crazy??? $68million?!” lol kidding…kinda.


#4 – One of my favorite wedding bloggers… actually let me rephrase – My FAVORITE wedding blogger posted some pics of herself and mentioned some new things happenings over on her masterpiece of a blog, The Bride’s Cafe. Check it out!


#5 – Our FLOTUS was on the David Letterman Show looking absolutely FABULOUS! And she was cracking a few jokes too during her interview, at one point getting a bit emotional, she caught herself and made a joke about the Letterman Show not being “OPRAH”. She’s so admirable!



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