Are You Ready for Some Football?

While much of the nation awaits a nice aggressive game of pushing, blocking, shoving,  and tackling… we over here at YesWeWed have been playing nice. We asked you to submit your best pics of you and your beau in your NFL paraphernelia and you responded. Thanks to all the beautiful couples for playing along and sharing their pics. It’s always fun to see what other couples are doing and how we [women] don’t mind playing rough with the boys every now and then… Now someone pass me my buffalo wings and beer. ;)

Candace & Talib
Bowie, Maryland
Together since April 2007
Favorite Team: New York Giants
Superbowl Prediction: We are praying the Giants defeat the Patriots again!!
Fun Fact (from Candace):
People think I became a Giants fan when I started dating Talib, but that’s not the case.  I really started loving football in 2005 when I moved to Maryland with my sister and brother-in-law who also happen to be Giants fans.  So that is how the Giants became my team!

Donnica & Edward
Marrieta, Georgia
Married Since August 27, 2011
Favorite Team: Tennessee Titans
Fun Fact:
Donnica & Edward’s wedding was featured on the blog back in October.
Check it out here –

Emerald & Ken
Together since February 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Favorite Team: Carolina Panthers & Washington Redskins
Fun Fact:
Emerald is a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins. She only pretends to like the Panthers because of Ken and only wears the Panthers jersey  as a courtesy at family functions. If you look closely, you can tell she is actually wearing a Redskins jersey under the Panthers jersey. lol

Joshulyn & Jacob
New York, New York
Together since July 2011
Favorite Team: New York Giants
Fun Fact:
People often tell the pair that they look like brother and sister. They just returned from a long vacation in the Bahamas where they swam with dolphins. The trip was a gift from Jacob for Joshulyn’s birthday.

Joanne & Keith (& kids)
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Married since September 29, 2006
Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers & Carolina Panthers
Fun Fact:
Because Joanne & Keith passionately root for different teams, they don’t have a picture of them together. lol Keith & Joanne’s wedding post on YesWeWed is still our most viewed post-to-date. Extra Fun Fact- Keith is the twin brother of Ken, the guy in the other Panthers jersey on this post. :)


May the best team win!



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Woodard
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 10:21:42

    AAAwwwweee this is nice and right on time. I hate I didn’t send one of me(Redskins) and your daddy(Cowboys). We wore our jerseies to the store one day and receive some comments,” Cowboys and Indians do not hang together.” We really didn’t realize that our attire was making a statement.


  2. Donnica
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 13:27:55

    So super cute!!! And even cuter is your mom commenting!! :) Love black love!!!


    • Emerald
      Feb 03, 2012 @ 13:43:10

      Thanks Donnica! I forgot to ask you who you guys were rooting for in the pic? I could tell it was a Titans game. Are ya’ll Titans fans? I’ll add it to the post.


      • Donnica
        Feb 09, 2012 @ 09:43:28

        YES! Ed is from Memphis! He is a HUGE Titans fan!! The problem came when the Titans played the Falcons!! :) Oh and we live in Marietta! Not sure where Duluth came from? LOL Thanks girlie!!!!

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