REPOST: Be on the Blog! {NFL Edition}

1/30/12 Update – Okay, I’m doing one last final announcement to get you all excited about SuperBowl. Whether your team is playing this Sunday or not, show us your team spirit and send in your pics by end of day today!! The final “Love & Football” post will be up this Friday! Just email the pic to me at yeswewed@ yahoo. com. Looking to receiving more submissions. xoxo


1/20/12 UpdateSince I’m unable to upload new pics for the next couple of days, I figured I’d repost this and remind you guys to send in those pics. Only 7 more days to submit! I’ve already gotten quite a few great ones! Thanks in advance! Hoping to have a new post up very soon!


I’ll make this simple –

You all remember the Spooky Halloween Post right?! Well, we’re doing something like that again… but this time bigger and better!! Since it’s playoff season, we’re joining the masses and playing ball! Okay, not really… but you guys see where I’m headed. :)

Whether you’re just dating, engaged or married…

Whether your team made the playoffs or not…

I need you to pull out those old photos, or snap a new pic of you and your significant-other repping your favorite team. You don’t have to be wearing the same jersey or even rooting for the same team in the photo. As long as there’s some “Love & Football” going on in the pic, you’re good to go! All details are below and I’ve included a sample just for fun! :)

Email the following to me at YesWeWed@yahoo. com no later than Friday, January 27.

  • Names
  • Location
  • Dating Since or Married Since
  • Favorite Team(s)  – or – Player(s)
  • (optional) SuperBowl Champion Prediction
  • (optional) Share any fun fact about your relationship.

Jeffrey & Sharon
Houston, TX
Married Since Sept. 30, 1985
Favorite Team: Tennessee Titans
Fun Fact: When our team loses, we usually make up for the loss by snacking on late-night cake & ice cream together.  

See, it’s that easy! Be sure to send in your photo by the January 27th deadline. :)

Can’t wait to see all of your fun photos!

     – Emerald


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