Parasols, Pearls & Pretty! – Yashica & Jason {Atlanta, GA}

Happy New Year (again)!!! Did I mention how happy I am to be back to blogging? Before my little hiatus, I did a post of nothing but wedding videos…and before that, there were the sweet & super flirty photos of Yashica & Jason’s engagement shoot. If you liked them, I know you’ll love their wedding photos too.

♥Yashica & Jason
June 25, 2011
Atlanta, GA
Fixed Focal Photography

^  Yashica looks like she’s saying “Come On! Let’s get this thing started!” So cute!

In the next couple of pictures, Yashica & Jason are doing their “First Look” before the wedding. If you’ve gotten married or even attended a wedding as a guest, you know that unpopular hour between the ceremony and the reception, when formal family photos and wedding party pictures are taken and guests are wondering when you’ll be done. lol Many couples are now choosing to see each other before the actual ceremony as a way to save time and get some really great, more relaxed shots together. I love the idea!

And now the ceremony… ♥

^ “Love is just a word until someone comes around and gives it meaning” – Author Unknown

^ I love all the blushing and grins going on as they exchange vows. That’s the way it should be on your wedding – All Smiles! :)

The parasols make these photos so much fun! I love the way that Yashica & Jason really thought outside the box, not only for their engagement shoot but for their wedding day as well.


Yashica & Jason danced to NeYo’s “Never Knew I Needed” for their 1st Dance Song.

Instead of the traditional table number, each table was identified by the word “Love” in a different language. (Left photo – Korean, Right photo- Japanese)

Sweet Cakes! (pun intended) :)

When I Knew (from Yashica): I’d went home to Alabama for the holidays and was on my way back to North Carolina when my car broke down on me in the middle of Georgia. I was actually on the phone with Jason when the car first began to stop. Without a second thought, he asked what he could do. Mind you, we were only friends at this point and both had a morning class that next morning. My best option was to get a tow truck to take me to a gas station in South Carolina but Jason decided to come rescue me himself, all the way from North Carolina. All of this was the nicest and most considerate thing that anyone had ever done for me. So it was at that moment that I knew that Jason was the one. We officially started dating a couple of months after that and have been together ever since.

“…and they lived Happily Ever After!”

Congrats you two! We wish you nothing but continued joy and happiness through your wedded days. Thanks again to the awesome team at Fixed Focal for shooting such clean, crisp images and for being so kind to share them with us here at the blog. We really appreciate your support.

Until next time – “Like” it if you love it!

–         Emerald

CREDITS: Photographer – Fixed Focal; Venue – LOFT at Castleberry Hill


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. a
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 09:11:55

    i love this!! so classy love the purple and the parasols!!! beautiful couple!!Glad you are back..


  2. Yashica Brown
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 18:27:07

    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog!! I love the write up!!!


  3. Christina Miller
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 08:36:45

    Ashley and Jon were great as always. Congratulations on getting married and your wedding was beautiful.


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