Yashica & Jason {ENGAGED!}

I have some super exciting photos to share with you today.  It’s an engagement shoot brought to us by the lovely team over at Fixed Focal Photography in Georgia. They did a great job capturing lots of fun detail shots and I love all the flirting that’s going on between the couple. Sit back, relax and meet…

Yashica & Jason♥

Jason and Yashica met while they were both pursuing engineering degrees at North  Carolina A&T State University. Yashica says, “We had so much in common – we drove the same car, went to the same school, were both getting degrees in Electrical Engineering…we’d both transferred to the same job, and were both sweet at heart.”

How He Proposed: Jason proposed to Yashica on Christmas Day of 2009. They were spending the holiday in Alabama at the home of Yashica’s parents. The day was extra special because her parents had gotten engaged on the same day 23 years prior.

Awww, he looks at her with such adoration! So sweet!

…And Yashica blushes back! I told you they were a flirty couple. ;)

These are some great shots! Wonderful job by Fixed Focal capturing Yashica & Jason’s true energy and excitement for each other.

When  I asked Yashica if they would consider themselves “Birds of a Feather” or “Opposites Attract”, she said “DEFINITELY BIRDS OF A FEATHER”.

^ CUTE!!!  & below is even CUTER!!

What a fun & exciting shoot! Check back soon to see pictures of their wedding day too. Oh and if you love Fixed Focal’s work, be sure to check out Stacie & Joe’s wedding. They were the eyes behind the lens for that wedding too. Job well done guys and thanks for sharing!

CREDITS: Photographer – Fixed Focal Photography


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