A Second Look @ Love!

Instead of adding another wedding today, I figured I’d take time out to “re-feature” all of the beautiful couples that have been posted in the past. Even if you’ve seen them all already, take a minute to look back at one of your favorites… and read the story again…just cause it makes you smile! :) Click the pic or the couple’s name to get to the actual post.

Oneika & Jamar
Houston, Texas

 Alissa & Duriel
Jacksonville, Florida

Cynthia & Rodrick, Part I
Long Island City, New York

Cynthia & Rodrick, Part II
Somerset, New Jersey

Courtney & Eric
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dorothy & James
Charlotte, North Carolina

Donnica & Edward
Decatur, Georgia

LaTisha & Georell
New Orleans, Louisiana

Stacie & Joe, Part I
Stacie & Joe, Part II
Athens, Georgia

Valerie & Charles
Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Tinnell & Marcus
Houston, Texas

Desiree & CJ
New Orleans, Louisiana

I don’t know about you guys, but it just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside to see all of this love. So far the blog has been a lot of what I visioned it to be, and I have lots more planned for the future. Cheers to Black Love for giving me a reason to even have this blog and cheers to you, the reader, for continuing to come back and celebrate it with me. :)

As I continue to update navigation on the site, I’m still trying to find the best way for new viewers to find old posts. Just fyi, there’s a little search box at the very bottom of the website (in the footer), so if you ever come to the site trying to find an old post, the search box is a good starting point. Until next time…

“Like” it if you love it,

– Emerald


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