Desiree & CJ {New Orleans, LA}

Are you enjoying this week’s posts? We started the week in Jamaica at Valerie & Charles’s destination wedding, then headed to Texas to share in the splendor of Tinnell & Marcus and now it’s Friday, so it’s only right to head over to Mardi Gras Capital – New Orleans, LA and celebrate with Desiree & CJ.

Desiree & CJ
New Orleans, LA
August 20, 2011

These jaw-dropping photos were taken by the team over at Studio Tran Photography. If you think that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because they were also the ones that brought us the glamorous photos of LaTisha & Georell‘s wedding day.

Love the custom hanger! The wire says “Mrs. Paul”. And the pumps are BLINGED out!

^ Desiree is ready for her photo-op! So pretty!

Detail shots are so important to capture. Brides spend so much time planning these very details, so it’s important to make sure your photographer captures them. It helps to tell the story of your wedding day.

One word comes to mind when I see these groomsmen: Debonair!…meaning  sophisticated charm, suave. Looking good fellas!

And don’t the ladies look just as fabulous! The yellow bouquets really pop off the blue!

GORGEOUS DESIREE!!! ^ This shot belongs in a magazine!

I just love how they are grinning at each other sooo big! Love is such a beautiful thing!

^ Jumping the Broom! ♥

I really like when couples make their fun & creative. How cute is the above shot taken on a Merry-Go-Round and the candy buffet below is so festive! I love it all!

^ This photo takes my breath away. Desiree looks so comfortable in CJ’s arms!


That cake is almost taller than they are. Lol Lots of love and sweet treats to go around!

If you get married in New Orleans, I’m pretty sure it’s REQUIRED that you have a second line. Lol Check out Desiree & CJ doing their thing!

Desiree & CJ, you guys are so adorable! You can really feel the love & excitement exuding through each photo. Congrats to such a lovely couple and “Thank You” to Studio Tran for sharing their fabulous work with us once again! Your photos never let us down!

Until next time,

–          Emerald

P.S. – Be sure to “Like” it if you love it! :)

CREDITS: Photographer – Studio Tran Photography; Coordinator – Posh Productions; Ceremony – New Home Ministries; Reception – Audobon Institute Tea Room; Florals – Bella Blooms


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