Cynthia & Rodrick – Part II {Somerset, NJ}

I know you all are tired of hearing me “talk” so I’m switching things up a bit. Today we have a guest blogger, Liz who is going to walk us through the beautiful wedding day of her sister, Cynthia and now brother-in-law Rodrick. This is a 2-part series as I featured Cynthia & Rodrick’s Nigerian wedding last week. Special thanks to Ellie M. Photography for sending the pictures over!
♥ ♥ ♥
Hi Everyone,
I’m Liz and I’m honored to be writing this post about Cynthia & Rodrick’s wedding. As Cynthia’s little sister and maid-of-honor I’ve been able to experience their love, relationship, and wedding planning in a very real & personal way.

I still remember the day that Rodrick called me and told me he planned to propose to my sister. I couldn’t believe it – my only sister, my big sister, the one I spent plenty of days following after, pestering, and admiring was going to be a bride…a wife. (And a beautiful bride she was, if I may say so myself.) :)

Before the proposal, Rodrick had been working closely with a jeweler to personally design Cynthia’s engagement ring. He asked me to meet him in the city to help…. Exciting day, right?! Nope. It turned out, the ring had already been finished and he only needed to know her size. Honestly, he didn’t need any help to begin with – he knew exactly what he was doing and as expected, Cynthia loved it!

Our father walked Cynthia down the aisle, and although it appears as if he’s giving a side-eye…he’s not. He actually fought back tears the whole time! Check out Cynthia—total tunnel vision to Rod! I love how her dress shows off her perfect shape too!

Rod’s groomsmen, led by his brother and best man were a genuinely solid group of guys.  Although they were generally from different eras in Rod’s life—they all shared a common thread—all were supportive, fun-loving and of course, good-looking!

Buuuutt…let’s be honest, Cynthia’s bridal party were all those things as well…and we had a mean two-step. Sooo yeah, we had them beat! We even successfully hijacked the boys’ iPod sound system when we realized we had no music to two-step to while we got dressed. They didn’t really need music anyway…“real G’s move in silence” :)

 Do you think you can figure out which  is me?


The cakes!! Cynthia made sure to get a cake that was not only aesthetically pleasing but was also delicious. One word: SUCCESS! As for the groom’s cake… if there is one thing Rodrick loves more than Cynthia…and his family…and his dog King….it is DUKE BASKETBALL!  To salute this love, Cynthia arranged to have a cake made that represented Duke’s Blue Devils. Can you spot the couple??

During their first dance, I could practically feel their love from the dance floor. They danced to Amel Larrieux’s Make Me Whole and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

These pictures should totally be on the cover of a magazine. Oh and special note – Rod surprised Cynthia on their wedding day with the diamond earrings and necklace set that she’s wearing. His mother presented it to Cynthia as she got ready…it was a really sweet moment.

Undoubtedly, *THIS* is my favorite picture all of time…so much so, I had it printed and framed for my living room! I could not have been blessed with a better sister—Cynthia, you truly are my forever friend. Even though I’m usually not trying to hear it, you always know exactly what to say and how to say it—when I need to hear it the most. You know what I’m feeling and why, even when I don’t. You protect me, even if doing so might put you at risk.

Your love is complicated but unconditional. It makes me feel safe…feel…lucky. 

Rodrick, you should feel lucky too!

I love you guys so much!!! Cheers to my sister and new brother and thanks for showing us what love is all about!

P.S. – Watch the motion video too!! It’s a tearjerker. :)

Love always,

– Liz

CREDITS: Photographer – Ellie M. Photography; Chapel – Rutgers University Kirkpatrick Chapel; Reception – Palace at Somerset Park; Bridesmaid Dresses – Two Birds; Bride’s Dress – Pronovios; Videographer – Peter Ferriero Films; Makeup Artist – Agnes Barnat


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donnica22
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 13:43:21

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!


  2. Agnes Barnat
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 15:30:51

    Had the pleasure doing makeup for Cynthia & all ladies in Bridal Party.
    What a beautiful couple they are!
    Thank you,
    Agnes Barnat


  3. BWoodb
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 21:56:20

    I’m drying my eyes (tear, tear, wipe} This was a warm, lovely, lively, and real love wedding ceremony. I felt as though I was there. Cynthia’s was soooo beautiful and happy. Beautiful dress, but only for those with her figure. May God’s blessings continue to shine upon Cynthia and Rodrick, in Jesus name, amen.


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